From beginners to intermediates to professionals, below are the feedback given by our participants regarding various Imagineer Creative Programs. 
Ramya R – “I just looked back at my file and couldn't believe that I drew so much. You made us all churn out sketches after sketches!”
Thank you so much for a wonderful session. I had my doubts when I signed up for an online art workshop and wasn't sure if I would learn to draw Peppy Bengal Patua. Within the first 45 minutes, all my doubts were dispelled. 
Thank you, Anish for being extremely patient and encouraging. The workshop was so well structured and fun. I'm a teacher too and it is an absolute pleasure to meet kind teachers. I think the educators and co-educators were quickly able to assess the level of each participant and constantly tried to improve our drawings. I'm glad that I got to work with a fascinating group of people. Thank you so much! More power to you all!
KS Senthilkumar – “You guys had brought out the creator inside of everyone who participated.”
Heart full of gratitude to Mr.Vivek and team, Anyone can become an artist in one day with these educators and syllabus. God bless you all. 
Surya – “A sense of satisfaction and happiness was achieved at the end”
Such a splendid workshop. The session was interesting and engaging & time went on with creative learning! Thanks a lot.
Riddhimaa – “I was able to draw a full illustration by the end of the session”
It was a wonderful experience of learning such an old Indian folk art from scratch and being mentored so well that I was able to draw a full illustration by the end of the session...Thank you so much. I don't have words to express my gratitude towards all of you for teaching me such beautiful art. 
Prachi – “To be honest, Paying 2500 for a full day session + one-week assistance seems like a good deal.
Otherwise, most of the time participants learn the lesson from the workshop and keep it closed under their books for the rest of their lives. Thank you so much for all your big and small efforts.”
Susmitakonda  - “Toooooooo gud!”
Karthik – “I never expected that I have such a creative skill within myself and this is the first time I am drawing something.
Such a fabulous experimental session which helped me to draw a Bengal patua in a step by step phases. Thanks, Tatlaya for the wonderful session especially the way you have structured the session was very nice and precise.
Kalpana Karthik - “Its amazing program!”
I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much, Mr Anish & your team.
Sarda – “Extremely well organised with the right mix of communication skills to engage a new crowd.”
The enthusiasm was maintained throughout the day. Excellent team support. 
Aparana – “It was very lively and interesting!”
You took your time to explain things in a way everyone understands. Thank you!
Kiruthika. G – “For one-day art program it is a good takeaway”
I learned more about sketching and Kawaii drawings. I was excited that I was able to do almost produce Kawaii drawings with just the rules of Kawaii drawings and add more moods and elements to it. 
It was amazing to get feedback to improve and be better in our work from the teaching team and everyone was so generous and gentle in correcting and improving my work.  I saw various levels of art lovers at different levels of drawing capacity enjoying and enthusiastic about able to draw and evolve to the next level. 
I was happy to see that people are willing to learn art out of sheer interest and positivity.  I also wanted to learn full detail drawing method maybe a few lines could be said about it or in future. 
Thank you for a wonderful opportunity for me to learn the art form and it brought a lot of joy and positivity into me today. I will keep practising and please guide me if I have some doubts. 
Thanks to all the teachers and support team members.
Shruti Dixit – “Loved it!”
Asha Mohandas – “Awesome is one word… And surreal is another to explain the program!”
Sushmita – “Program is very interactive”
I got to know the areas where I have to improve myself after attending this session
Anupa D  - “Thanks for putting this beginner-friendly program together.”
B Vinayak Rao – “Got a lot to learn through the process we were made to follow.”
Thank you! The session was really goooood. 
Chittibabu – “You guys just took us to a different level!”
Really delighted with the whole experience. Support from your crew was extraordinary… All the best for your future endeavours. Thank you, everyone.
Seema K – “Very well-driven.”
 All educators and co-educators were full of energy and support!
Anupa Deshpande – “This was my second workshop with Team Imagineers.”
Extremely happy and thankful for the efforts put in by your team to help improve every participant. Well organized, fun workshop. Keep up the good work. Cheers :) :)
Ramya K – “This has been such an Inspiring group.”
Thank you all. I hope to know you all more through your work.
Surya – “Such stupendous planning and execution.”
It's too great!! And a heartfelt thanks to the entire team. 
Akshaia – “It was an awesome program, you guys were rocking.”
Thank you so much for this. Keep going. I hope there will more programs in the future like this.
Abirami – “For Sure Imagineers team is going to be a Trend Setter!”
Muthukavitha .S – “We can give life to everything around us, our feelings are shown in art.”
Suganya – “As a complete beginner, I felt like a Kid and drew my heart out through your process.”
The team was so vibrant and positive. You gave us the confidence to draw anything from imagination. Thank you!

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