We help Amateurs become Pro Artists!

We are Imagineers – A commune of Artpreneurs and founders of various brands, proudly shouldering the vision of our Mentor, SCD Balaji

Our story in short
We are professionally taught to make Art, create Designs and build Brands. We believe that it is our responsibility to educate all those stuff to the Creative Ecosystem.
We do this through the Imagineers Creative Program!
We conduct one or two-days creative program, where you can learn one specific Art form from the Imagineer who has Mastery in it. 
How we do it? 
In the program, we will teach you the fundamentals, standards and the nuances of one Art form with hands-on guidance
The Educators and Co-educators will mentor you for 1 week and give you the roadmap to Mastery
You will get a post-mentoring review session exactly one week after the program
Now that you have the roadmap, all it takes is the consistent practice to become a Pro! 
Why Creative Programs rather than art workshops?
To educate that tracing is not Art
Find ways to impart fundamentals, so you can learn any Art form faster
Teach to draw from your Imagination 
Help you become professional artists
Nice things said:
Sudha Vasu – “Thank you so much! Never expected that I would stay awake the entire night with full energy!” 
Dhivya Swaroopini – “It was an excellent program completely engrossed for the 9 hours
B Vinayak Rao – “It was a quick game that got finished in blink of an eye. It was Amazing Thank you”
KS Senthilkumar – “Extraordinary one day program conducted brilliantly by kindest co-ordinators team, brought out the artist inside each of the participants. It's a meditative kind of coaching which we all were mesmerized and our hands were connected to the brain & heart through the course conductors. Unbelievable syllabus designed by the well experienced team.  Nowhere in India, I learnt such things in 8 hours. Tonnes of thanks with love”
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