"Art and Creativity are possible for everyone. You should learn to tap into the realm of surrealism for it to flow. And, we teach how to tap it." - SCD Balaji

Meet our Mentor and the Founder of Imagineers program 
An Artist, a Brand Strategist, the Founder of 3 Creative Ventures with 16 years of experience
Everything that Balaji does revolves around his passion to transform people through Art, design and creativity. 
He has founded 
Atma Studios - India’s only Artistic Branding Studio, 
Quirky Invitations - Artistic invitation company 
Artpreneur Program - A wholesome program that teaches Art, Design and Branding.
He is a Keynote speaker in IIMs, NID, Freshworks to name a few! He has been responsible for transforming us from Amateurs into professional Artists through his Artpreneur program.
When Balaji isn’t busy educating people about Art, Design and creativity, he can be found researching & creating Indian Folk Arts! 
Our Founder’s Vision: 
To make Art and Creativity possible for everyone by teaching to tap into the right frequency. 
This is where it all began…
We were amateurs when we started.
It was our Mentor who inculcated the knack to tap into the right frequency for Art & Creativity to flow. He made us Professionals! 
We, Artpreneurs, believe it is our responsibility to give forward the values, the Wisdom and the Art that we learnt from our Mentor to the Society.
Thus, we shoulder our Founder’s vision through the Imagineers Program! 
- Imagineers Team
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