Chubby Chibi

Dive into the core of an art style that has spawned numerous animated films and games. Learn how to create & monetise your characters from imagination. Scroll down into Chubby Chibi!​​​​​​​!

Dive into the core of an art style that has spawned numerous animated films and games. Learn how to create & monetise your characters from imagination. Scroll down into Chubby Chibi!​​​​​​​
The world loves cuteness, and the world around us is proof! Cute characters often seen in advertisements, games, animated films evokes magical emotions within us. It’s their expression that makes us go awe.
Chibi is a Japanese art style has made its way into the world of animation for its cuteness & expression. Characters with big heads, small bodies and wide eyes have countless stories to tell!
Learn the core of Chibi in just two days with Chubby Chibi – A Whimsgical approach for making anything cute!
With the Two-day Online Chubby Chibi drawing program master one of the cutest art forms from your place of convenience! Co-educators will assist you throughout the process, and it is going to be completely tailor-made.
With Chubby Chibi, you could: 
Step into the world of Visual storytelling
Learn the art of developing an illustration script
Learn the nuances of character design
Create cute versions & caricatures of your favourite characters
Design your own characters for games
Learn to create cute stickers with evoking emotions
Express yourself through art & make your hobby into a profession and much more!  
Who can join? 
Beginners - If this is your first endeavour, it is fantastic! 
Designers and aspiring artists
Aspiring illustrators
Students – 8th grade and above 
Art lovers who have stories to tell
Story-tellers who are passionate to learn the art
Teachers & Parents who wish to make education ‘cute.’
Key Takeaways: 
Cute characters that you created
Chibi face stickers
Master keys to drawing on your own
Tailor-made mentoring
Ideas to monetise your Chibi artworks
The confidence to express you through art
Roadmap to mastery and much more 
About the Educator: 
Vivek is an Artist & the Founder of Whimsgic studio - a brand sculpting & design studio based on India. After exploring the art style for years, Vivek is here to share the essence & secret to steal the core of Chibi with the Creative enthusiasts! ​​​​​​​
In his words, “I believe that art is the most effective and the impactful way to express our stories to the world. And, my vision is to help people create their own & original piece of art right from their heart in many art styles.”
Program Structure: 
2-days Hands-on program + 1 week mentoring + 1-day Review session  
Day 1
Introduction to Chibi.
Mood board Gazing.
Chibi face study
Hands-on session on portrait sketching in chibi style.
Elements of Chibi
Day 2
Chibi Stick figure study.
Chibi Volumteric study.
Hands-on session on anatomy sketching in Chibi style.
Illustration script.
Hands-on session on creating high-detailed illustration in Chibi style.
A bunch of plain sheets of paper & Pencil 
Computer with Zoom & Telegram app installed+ Good Internet connection
Program Details: 
DECEMBER 19 & 20, 2020
9.00 AM to 6.00 PM IST 
We will share the login details by 8.00 AM IST 
Co-educators will conduct a technical orientation on DECEMBER 18, 2020. 

For more details, feel free to write here.​​​​​​​
Mr Vivek
Primary Educator
+91 8248361474
Mail @
Team Imagineers
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