Ashta Chitra Vidya
Are you looking to make your drawing more life like; master your human figures in proportion, design dynamic poses, and make them look natural? Experiment and enjoy drawing people successfully with us in this Ashta Chitra Vidya.
Ashta Chitra Vidya is an hour of the need skill! Ashta Chitra Vidya means the knowledge to learn drawing trough an eight step process.
Human poses help us express ourselves in everything from children's books to toys, ads to animated films!
Figure drawing dates back to pre-historic times where Line drawings of figures, similar to “stick figures.” told stories of tribal celebrations, war and “the hunt” and communicated before written language. It was the basic foundation in coming up with skeletal forms of statues, sculptures and other scenarios.
The basics, poses, gestures and making them all life like in just two days;
Let's break it down for you -
Learn how to make human poses from scratch and how to draw human figures from real life and your imagination from the comfort of your own home! And you'll no longer have to worry about getting the right human proportions or searching for reference poses.
Our Educators will assist you throughout the process, and it is going to be completely tailor-made.
With Ashta Chitra Vidya, you can transform your sketches and use them in
 - beautiful illustrations
 - character design
 - comics
 - storyboards
 - documenting your everyday through art journaling
 - capturing life as it really is
 - De-stress, dissolve into art and much more!
Who can join?
 - Amateurs- If this is your first endeavor, it is fantastic!
 - Designers and aspiring artists
 - Mandala artists
 - Aspiring illustrators
 - Illustrators and Graphic designers
 - Visualizers / story tellers
 - Sketch artist and digital artist
 - Teachers who wish to make education fun
 - Parents who wish to educate kids through art
 - Art and Movie Directors
 - Fashion Designers
Key Takeaways:
 - Character Designing technique
 - Your confident artworks
 - Structured approach to learn and execute
 - Master keys to drawing on your own
 - Tailor-made one week mentoring post program
 - Sketching workbook and path to mastery
 - Overcome the fear of bad sketching
 - Understanding anatomy and gestures
 - The confidence to sketch any posture
 - Roadmap to mastery and much more
 - Learn to see living things in natural motion
Program Structure
2-Days hands on program + 1 Week Mentoring + 1-day Review Session 
DAY1 (MAY 29,2021)
Session1 : Recipe of Ashta Chitra Vidya (Interactive)
 - Introduction to Ashta Chitra Vidya
 - How to Draw Stick Figures
 - Stick Figure Round one ( HandsOn )
 - Break - 15 mins
Session2 : Rapid fire Stick figures ( HandsOn)
 - Stick Figure Round 2
 - Stick Figure Round 3 (super speed)
 - Lunch - 30 mins
Session3 : Volumetric Figures
 - How to Draw Volumetric Figures (Interactive)
 - Volumetric Round 1 ( HandsOn )
 - Volumetric Round 2 ( HandsOn )
 - Volumetric Round 3 ( HandsOn )
DAY2 (MAY 30,2021)
Session4 : Recipe of Rapid Sketching (Interactive)
 - Introduction to Rapid Sketching
 - Decoding Rapid Sketch
 - Rapid Sketch Round 1 ( HandsOn )
 - Break - 15 mins
Session5 : Rapid fire Stick figures ( HandsOn)
 - Rapid Sketch Round 2
 - Rapid Sketch 3 (super speed)
 - Lunch - 30 mins
Session6 : Fusion Sketch
 - Introduction to Fusion Sketch (Interactive)
 - Fusion Sketch Round 1 ( HandsOn )
 - Fusion Sketch Round 2 ( HandsOn )
Session7 : Mastery Secret
 - Mastery process (Interactive)
 - One week Mentoring Agenda
Pre - requisites:
 - Curiosity
 - A bundle of plain sheets of paper
 - Pencil, eraser and sharpener
 - 2 coloured pencils
 - Black Gel pen ( Uniball / Reynolds )
 - Computer + Good Internet connection
 - Trust our structured approach, grab a pencil and let's start!
Program Details:
MAY 29 - 30, 2021 (SAT & SUN) - 9:00 am to 7:00 pm IST 
Followed by one week tailor-made mentoring 
Closing review session on JUN 6, 2021 @ 10:00 am IST   
Fees: INR 2500
For more details feel free to contact
Vivek Jayakumar 
(Program Coordinator) 
+91 96290 94863 
(WhatsApp/ SMS/ Call/ Telegram) 
Team Imagineers
Register with us and unleash the artist in you !
Thank you!
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