Today’s society is undergoing a major transition into a world free of gender-based roles. We have tried to communicate this new way of life through 12 illustrations designed for a blog on ‘Life of a Homemaker’.
The health and wellbeing of a family is largely dependent on the home maker's culinary skills. It is they who understand the taste, likes and nutritional needs of every family member and make sure they are met. A happy tummy equals a happy family.
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Every homemaker possesses the instinctive ability to allocate funds for all the requirements of the family. They can work on any budget to make miracles happen. Without their shrewd money management families will lack financial stability.
Personal Stylist
From sourcing to cleaning to stacking it the homemaker that works hard to ensure that the family’s clothes are pristine and presentable. Behind every well-dressed person is their disciplined selfless homemaker.
Hygiene Doctor
Homemakers understand best the importance of the saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Absence of her efforts and supervision in this area can wreak havoc leading to sickness in the family. If Doctors treat illnesses, they play a major role in preventing them.
Necessities Stocker
Shopping for all the necessities of the family is a seemingly easy job that is in fact extremely difficult, especially if there is a budget to be adhered to. It requires a great deal of planning, fore thought and common sense to stock up the home with quality and necessary items without hoarding, or wasting or running out of things.
For many homemakers gardening is a stress buster and fun activity. Herb gardens and green houses are an important way for them to ensure fresh and nutritious produce is used to prepare meals for the family.
Guru/ Tutor
A lot of parents turn into teachers to guide and support their kids’ education. There are many a homemaker who homeschools their kids taking full onus of the upbringing of their kids.
Perfect Host
Be it a get together, festivity or celebration, the homemaker doubles up as an event planner and executer to ensure the best experience for their family and guests. They add the love, spark and color to the family events.
Unsung Hero
Homemakers’ role as a parent/ caregiver is often taken for granted. Without their selfless, responsible, structured care kids will not be able to thrive and shine.
When it comes to honing their kids’ interests homemakers turn into cheerleaders and coaches investing a great amount of their time and energy to motivate and support them every step of the way.
Loving Caregiver
There comes a point in every parent’s life when their kids become their parents. With a lot of unconditional love and time homemakers take on the responsibility of caring for their parents (-in-law), creating a harmonious and happy family.
Self Love
It is important that among all the chaos and giving there is one moment solely dedicated to the needs of the homemaker. They need to dedicate some time every day for some self-love whether it is in the form of painting, meditating, exercising, reading or something else, otherwise the balance will be lost.
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